Server and Network Monitoring

Your network is constantly changing 24×7. This is why monitoring is so important.

With our automated monitoring we can track the status of services like:

  • Server Availability
  • Backups
  • Hard Disk Array Health
  • Internet Connectivity and Bandwith Usage
  • Corporate and Free WIFI Status and Usage
  • Disk Space
  • RAM Usage
  • CPU Usage
  • Event Log
  • Application Connectivity
  • Printer Availability
  • Exchange
  • DNS
  • Antivirus

Our monitoring applications are extremely adaptable so we can customise a solution to your needs.

Server and Network Monitoring is a main component of our Managed Services Solution.  For a fixed monthly rate we will monitor and resolve any issues with your network. Ensuring that your environment is under control is a big step towards improving your networks up time and performance.  This then reflects on the performance of your staff and business.